A Little Taste of Puglia

A collection of the best restaurants in Puglia.

One of my favourite places to visit in the summer is Puglia. This beautiful, agricultural region in Southern Italy has become noticably busier in the past five years, and it’s not surprising! From the Trulli and the quaint villages in the hills to the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, Puglia has a lot to offer. I’ve put together a collection of my favourite restaurants that are well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in that part of the world.

Ristorante Elia, Capitolo

Elia is situated on the Adriatic coastline, boasting incredible views over the sea. Elia’s idyllic setting means that it is truly one of the best places to have a long, drawn out lunch. There is also a trendy cocktail bar with seating made from pallets and the ability to rent a sun bed so you can spend the afternoon on the sun drenched cove!

The restaurant itself is a shaded terrace perched above the sea. The food is out of this world, with a menu that predominantly consists of raw, grilled and fried seafood dishes. The staff are incredibly friendly and the interior has a cool, coastal feel – creating the most relaxing spot to spend an afternoon.

Le Palme Beach Club, Monopoli.

Le Palme Beach Club is the trendy little sister of Masseria Torre Coccaro’s first beach club, Coccaro Beach. If you’re looking for “La Dolce Vita”, then this is it!

A fish restaurant, combined with a gourmet pizzeria and colourful salads means that there really is something for everyone here. The wine list is fantastic and there is a cocktail lounge situated at the front of the restaurant. The decor is incredibly chic, predominantly white with wooden furniture and pops of bright colour. Guests sit in the breezy open-plan restaurant set back from the beach.

Trattoria Terre Madre, Alberobello.

Perhaps my favourite restaurant in Puglia, Trattoria Terre Madre is an extremely special place to spend an evening. Alberobello in itself is incredibly beautiful, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and well worth a visit. Trattoria Terre Madre is unassuming from the outside, you walk past a few tables and a shop, through the open kitchen and outside onto a terrace surrounding a vegetable garden.

The concept for this restaurant is what makes it so incredible, what you see and smell growing around you is what is served to the table. The dishes are simple yet so impactful and celebrate the organic vegetables. I would recommend starting with the Vegetable Antipasti as it showcase the fantastic produce and cooking and Trattoria Terre Madre. I love that on each of the tables there is half a lemon in a dish, in case you wanted to add some extra zing to your dish. To accompany your meal, there is also a list of organic local wines that complement the food perfectly. This is arguably one of the best restaurants in Puglia.

Giardini 36, Cisternino.

Giardini 36 is another restaurant with an unassuming exterior but is an absolute treat once inside! The atmosphere of this restaurant is very welcoming with a cosy yet trendy interior. One of my favourite things about this restaurant is the sharing table pictured below, it adds to the fun of dining here.

I can honestly say that every single thing I have eaten here is well worth writing home about, perhaps this is one of the best restaurants in Puglia. The food has a more modern take on traditional Italian cooking using ingredients of exceptional quality. There is also a bottle of Giardini 36’s very own Olive Oil on the table which you can buy whilst you’re there.

Ristorante Sapore di Sale, Savalletri di Fasano.

Ristorante Sapore di Sale is located right on the fishing quay of Savalletri in Puglia. This places really shows off what this region of Italy has to offer food-wise as it specialises in seafood and traditional Puglian cuisine. The raw seafood platters are out of this world. I know this may not be everybody’s thing, however. Ristorante Sapore di Sale also serves up a great selected of grilled and fried seafood dishes, alongside pasta and meat.

Casale del Murgese, Savalletri di Fasano.

Not only is this a fantastic, affordable, hotel but the food is unreal too. Dishes at Casale del Murgese incorporate traditional Puglian cooking to an incredibly high standard. The restaurant is located in the old farmhouse with a terrace that is beautifully lit at night – idyllic!


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