Let’s Talk About Lost Stock!

I had a very exciting delivery yesterday, because my Lost Stock order has finally arrived! I first heard about Lost Stock in May and was pretty quick to order after a little bit of research. Lost Stock is such a great concept, in my opinion, so I have been very excited to share this post. So, let’s talk a little bit about the company; what they do, who they support and how you can get involved. Plus, I’ll show you what I received in my own box!

What is Lost Stock?

Their slogan is “buy a box, support a worker for a week” and that’s exactly what happens. Due to Highstreet Brands cancelling their orders in Bangladesh, a range of problems have occurred. Garment workers haven’t been paid and there are a whole host of clothes destined for landfill due to the cancellations. I have written more in-depth about the affects of the pandemic on garment workers here. These cancelled orders are not only detrimental to peoples livelihood’s but to the environment as well. I’m no longer buying Fast Fashion but this is an exception. So, in comes Lost Stock who came up with the idea of selling cancelled clothing in order to support a garment worker and their family. They’ve teamed up with SAJIDA Foundation, who’s mission is to “improve the quality of life in the communities where we work through sustainable and effective interventions”.

How Does it Work?

You pop onto Lost Stock’s website, and click on “buy now”. There are male, female and kids boxes for £35 plus a new Autumn/Winter collection for £41. You select the box, your size and your preferences (colour scheme, age range and look) or you can leave it up to them to surprise you. Then just check out as you usually would when doing an online order. The items of clothing come from a range of 32 High Street retailers and you will receive £70 RRP worth of clothes. Orders take between 6-8 weeks as they’re coming from Bangladesh. But, I have to say it makes it more fun as it’s exciting to see what you’ve got.

My Lost Stock Order

Even though it doesn’t matter what I got as it’s about helping people first and foremost, but my expectations were surpassed! I chose age 21-24 (looking on the website it’s aged 16-24 now), size S and plain and neutral as my look preference. My Lost Stock box had two pretty white tops and a super cute Cami dress – all of which are perfect for this hot weather we’re having. I think part of the fun of this box is you have no idea what you will get and it pushes you to try a new look.

The Looks

So, the first piece I took out of my bag was this fabulous cami dress. This is my favourite item and something I would buy for myself. The colour is a gorgeous khaki green that I wouldn’t usually pick for myself but I really like it. The material also has a luxurious feel to it and is not see-through. Cami dresses like this are incredibly versatile all year round, and from day to night.

I have to be honest that this top is not something I would pick for myself and I don’t wear crop tops. Being slightly bigger busted, I could really do with the size up in this top. I would probably only wear this top with high waisted jeans or shorts but this will probably be put up to swap. In case this happens to you when you receive your order, there is a fantastic group on Facebook called Lost Stock Reveal and Trade. Lost Stock also have their own information page about what to do with your unwanted items.

Again, this top is not something I would usually pick for myself but I have no problems with it. This top is a super thin material so needs a vest underneath like I’m wearing but its perfect for this hot weather we’re currently having. I also like the detailing on the front and the sleeves are pretty. If you’re a whizz on the ol’ sewing machine you could quite easily make a few adjustments.



  1. Sallyanne Foster
    August 13, 2020 / 6:21 pm

    Thanks for this insight Phoebe ..You are right to plug this ..I love this whole common sense approach.
    You look fab in all the items .
    Great Blog !!

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