Sustainability Update|How I’ve Been Breaking Up with Fast Fashion

I have some very exciting news that I will be sharing soon. In the mean time, I wanted to update and share with you just how I’ve been breaking up with fast fashion. Back in June, I wrote a post about how It’s Time for a Fashion Revolution, and my passion for this subject has just grown. I want to share with you a few of the ways I have been making sure I don’t get tempted to buy something I shouldn’t. I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest thing in the world, but something I want to maintain going forward. I hope this encourages you to be more mindful of where you shop to, as we can all play a small part to help.

Just the Beginning

My weakness is Zara, as anyone who knows me will agree. Genuinely, if someone says they like what I’m wearing and ask where it’s from, 9 times out of 10, the answer is Zara. So, I will be honest, this has been the hardest for me to part ways with. A few weeks ago I had my first real test that has cemented that I’ve got this! M wanted to have a look at the mens section for new work trousers, I walked through Zara and although there was a dress I really, REALLY liked – I stuck to my guns and walked out empty handed – hoorah! A small step, but a giant leap… as they say.

I still have a long way to go, as this is still relatively new to me. I need to maintain this attitude I have, whilst continuing to learn more. This is definitely a journey that I want to share more on incase you were interested in breaking up with fast fashion too. But the sun is definitely setting on my old habits, and I’m determined to live a more sustainable life – both for fellow women and garment workers and for the environment.

Phoebe Nisbet Breaking Up with fast Fashion

My Top Tips in Successfully Breaking Up with Fast Fashion:

Step One – Unfollow and Unsubscribe

Just like you would with a disastrous ex, go through your social media platforms to unfollow brands you will no longer be shopping with, even Influencers if need be. Also, go through your emails to unsubscribe to hearing about new collections. Side note: this is also great because I don’t know about you, but I ignore all sales ones and end up with a huge inbox that just builds up. Out of sight, out of mind.

Step Two – Delete, Delete, Delete

Just like step one, if you have a folder of shopping apps (I know many people do), go through and delete all by fast fashion brands. Now it’s all well and good deleting them, but don’t then go on your Safari for a browse. It’s all about self-restraint here!

Step Three – Get Your Detective Cap On

Recently, there has been a SURGE in information cropping up about fast fashion brands malpractice. There’s podcasts, videos, documentaries, books, talks all available to us at our finger tips. Set aside an hour or so a day to research about something. For me, after reading stories and learning more about a particular aspect of Fast Fashion, I get more set in the mind frame that I don’t want to contribute to this consumerism anymore.

Step Four – Search High and Low

I’ve seen a massive influx of independent labels popping up on my social media. There are so many articles out there now that celebrate the rise of Slow Fashion. There are so many indie labels making the most gorgeous pieces using leftover fabrics or making pieces to order etc to create a much more sustainable label. Slow Fashion is very much in fashion now. Soon I’ll share some of my favourites that I’ve been swooning over.

Step Five – Take the Pledge

I took Remake’s 90 day #nonewclothes pledge in June. Basically, you can’t buy any new clothes for 90 days (duh!) and reflect on your spending habits and delve into the subject more. I can honestly say that this is how I became fully determined to break up with fast fashion. At the bottom of the pledge on Remakes page, you can see the amount of water saved, C02 emissions preserved, pounds of waste prevented and money saved.


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