The Book Club Vol 1

There’s nothing better that diving into a good book at the best of times, but reading for me has been such a good escapism during lockdown. Let’s be honest, there’s only so much Netflix we can watch and it’s nice to be able to engage the brain a bit more. I’ve decided to create a Book Club, a place where I list some of my favourite reads and give a brief review. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for your next book haul!

This is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay

Given the fantastic job the NHS is doing right now, this book had to be first on my list. I read it at Christmas, quickly followed by his Christmas book ‘Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas’ (also highly recommend). This is Going to Hurt really takes you through every emotion, from squirming in my seat, to laughing, and crying- especially at the end. I genuinely think everybody should read this book, Adam Kay shares hilarious stories of his time as a doctor, but also the heartbreaking elements of the job. Like so many, I have always had the upmost respect for NHS workers, but even more so after reading this book.

Phoebe Nisbet This is Going to Hurt book cover

The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, I actually read this in an evening. It’s a proper love story in the face off such horrors. The Tattooist of Auschwitz tells the extraordinary tale of how Lale (our main character) exchanges precious gems and money from murdered Jews in order to keep those still in the camp alive. Lale literally falls in love at first sight after tattooing Gita upon her arrival to the camp, and the development of the pairs relationship in the face of such atrocious conditions really amplifies the fact that love conquers all. This is such a heartwarming story, nut in my opinion doesn’t deflect from the horrors of the camp that I have read in some criticism of the book – FULL DISCLOSURE, there are some pretty barbaric descriptions.

Phoebe Nisbet The tattooist of Auschwitz book cover

The Color Purple – Alice Walker

Next up in The Book Club is another gorgeous book, it’s won the Pulitzer Prize and gained other critical acclaims. The Color Purple follows Celie and her journey to independence. Walker creates such an uplifting story yet focuses on important issues in society, the characters are great and, actually, the whole book is just so well written.

Phoebe Nisbet The Cold Purple book cover

Small Island – Andrea Levy

Andrea Levy switches between four characters voices to make up the body of this story, which is so clever. Small Island is true to history and grapples with societal issues of race in a post-war Britain. It also focusses on the Windrush generation and how they settled into London after arriving from the Caribbean. However, the biggest conflict in this novel is in relationships… and you’ll have to read it to find out more!

Phoebe Nisbet Small Island book cover

If the texts in The Book Club Vol 1 take your fancy, I’ve linked copies below for you to shop:


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