Let’s Talk About Why We Should Buy Vintage!

Hello! How are we all? The weather has taken a cold turn here in the U.K. (Autumn is officially in full swing) and so I’ve been having a browse for blazers and knits online. Obviously now I’m trying to cut out fast fashion, I have to hunt that little bit more for great pieces. I’ve always been a massive fan of vintage, and thought I’d share my favourite online retailers.

So, Why is Vintage so great?

So, let’s talk about why vintage is so darn great! Firstly, the quality is incredible. The piece has stood the test of time until now, so if you continue to look after it then you’re set for a while longer! Secondly, no one else will have what you’re wearing. It sounds so silly, but I have such an irrational fear of wearing the same outfit as someone else! But, when you find a vintage gem, there is pretty much no chance someone will have the same piece as you. You’re also probably going to be helping out a small business which, especially in the current climate, is a great thing to be doing.

The most important reason for shopping vintage, is that it’s a lot better for the environment. You’re cutting out clothing being thrown onto landfill by shopping vintage, a long with a whole host of other great environmentally friendly bonuses.

UK Online Vintage Stores

I’ve put together a collection of my favourite UK online vintage stores, so if you don’t feel comfortable just yet, you don’t have to venture out and can shop from the comfort of your own home! I admire each of these brands, and in some cases bought from them – they all have the most amazing pieces!

Darling and Vintage

Some of the most beautiful vintage pieces I have seen are sold through Darling and Vintage. Based in Northern Ireland, collections are dropped on Darling and Vintage’s website on Saturday’s. Seriously worth a follow on Instagram, I swoon over every piece each week… and the fabulous dance moves!

Delve Vintage

A retailer that is bringing a modern, stylish take to styling vintage clothing. Delve Vintage is a London based brand with a fantastic range, including designer pieces. Plus, there are some super chic accessories up for sale!

The Retro Room

Liverpool based brand, The Retro Room, promote slow fashion. I bought a dress from this brand a few months ago and was so impressed. My package arrived so quickly, they use the most beautiful recyclable packaging and added a lovely note and ring as a thank you for shopping with an independent business. You can check put their Instagram here.

Selena’s Shop

Another brand I have been eyeing up various different bits on, Selena’s Shop has a really fun range of vintage clothing, accessories and homeware. Based in Sheffield, Selena handpicks each item for the store. PLUS whatever you buy is sent out in compostable packaging!

House De’Ville

Clothing is dropped on Margate based House De’Ville Instagram page using great photo’s and fun graphics. Jemelia has great taste and there is always a range of pieces on her drops. I’m yet to buy from here but keep eyeing up various pieces!



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