My Favourite Suncream for Sensitive Skin

Phoebe Nisbet suncream for sensitive skin

I love the summer months and pretty much live for the sun, it does my skin wonders and who doesn’t love a tan? It’s SO important that we properly look after our skin whilst we’re basking in the sun. If like me you have sensitive skin, then suncream can cause breakouts to our faces or irritate our skin – not ideal. I have tried so many different suncreams for sensitive skin and thought I would share some of my favourites that I religiously use.

Sensitive skin suncream for the face:

I have always used a different suncream on my face because it is far more sensitive, I’m more prone to acne breakouts and dry skin. When I was younger I took medication for my skin which meant it was far more sensitive to the sun. Because of this, I only ever use factor 30 or 50 on my face for maximum protection against the sun.

The most recent suncream I have tried and have been using so far this year is actually one from M&S and I have to say that I am loving it. It’s the Sun Smart Sensitive Face Sun Lotion SPF 30. I’m just going to sing it’s praises because I was very sceptical so, firstly is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and fragrance free which is everything I look for in a product I’m going to use on my face. It’s non-greasy which is ideal for acne-prone skin because it means I don’t have to worry about breakouts. To top it all off, this suncream is £6.50!

Phoebe Nisbet My Favourite Suncreams for Sensitive Skin

The second suncream for sensitive skin that I use on my skin when I want a higher protection is the Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Face Cream 50. This suncream rubs into the skin so well and leaves it feeling SO smooth with a rather matte finish – it’s formula is designed so that it doesn’t clog your pores. This suncream smells absolutely divine too.

Phoebe Nisbet My Favourite Suncreams for Sensitive Skin

For the body:

Piz Buin. To me, it’s the smell of summer and the only suncream I will use on my body. Piz Buin was one of the first brands to use SPF in the 60’s and pride themselves on making tanning safe in all situations. One of the main things I love about Piz Buin is that they have 8 different ranges of suncream products to suit everyone’s needs. The main ones I use for the body are Tan & Protect and Moisturising. Whilst the skin on my body is much less sensitive than my face, I find that being in the sea and in the sun really dries my skin out, but both these products give the skin so much moisture and aren’t greasy. As a little side note, Piz Buin do a great face suncream under the ‘allergy’ section too.

Phoebe Nisbet My Favourite Suncreams for Sensitive Skin

I love nothing more than sunbathing but I always make sure that my skin is safe whilst doing so. It’s so important to use an adequate SPF and our skin will thank us in the future for it! I hope this post has been helpful to you in caring for your skin in the sun, especially as summer is almost with us!

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