‘Tunes To Get Through Lockdown’|My Feel Good Lockdown Playlist!

Phoebe Nisbet Lockdown Playlist

I pretty much listen to music every waking hour of my life, but especially more so during Lockdown. I’ve found that I have been having a good ol’ sing along to my favourite tunes to keep the boredom at bay, and it completely boosts my mood when I’m feeling a bit ‘blugh’. So, I thought I’d create my own lockdown playlist, ‘Tunes to Get Through Lockdown’.

I’m sure many people are with me when I say that I really miss going to gigs and seeing my favourite bands live. I’m going to really miss festival season this summer too. There’s honestly nothing better than dancing in a field with all your friends and drinking some warm tinnies (if you’re not drinking warm Dark Fruits, then you’re not doing it right) to your favourite bands. Rather excitingly today, I did hear that Radio One are hosting Big Weekend virtually, so at least we can dance in our gardens instead… maybe even put up a tent to get the whole experience?

Anyway, I have created a pretty ‘eclectic’ mix of the songs that I’ve been dancing around the kitchen in my PJ’s to, or listening to whilst drinking with a great cocktail during Happy Hour at Home. My lockdown playlist is a collection of tunes that make me very happy, and I hope it can do the same for you.

I’ll be adding to this playlist as I go so feel free to save it to your Spotify. Hope you enjoy!


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